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The Andy Morales Show (Radio Podcast #32) (June 27, 2015)

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Hey everybody!! Here is my 32nd podcast to my very own personal radio show called, "The Andy Morales Show". This show is Mid 1980's Hip Hop Music. Recorded on: June 27, 2015. Hope all of you guys will enjoy my 32nd podcast to, "The Andy Morales Show". Songs on this show: 1. Kold Krew (a.k.a. Kold Kreu) - "Don't Let 'Em Drop The Bomb (12" Extended)" (1984) 2. Fat Boys - "Don't You Dog Me" (1984) 3. Sir Mix-A-Lot - "Square Dance Rap (12" Rodeo Drive Mix)" (1986) (*Originally released in '85) 4. Cut Master D.C. - "You Don't Really...
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