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Black Ring Above Kazakhstan: Hoax? A portal to Hell?

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The black ring above a village, Kazakhstan is weird. Is this a hoax? Some claims this ring or smoke circle is a portal to hell. I think it's something else. Share your thoughts?Read the article here : http://goo.gl/NhDXh7FOLLOW MY DAILYMOTION CHANNEL: http://dailymotion.com/lionsgroundNEWSLETTER! SIGN UP HERE: http://goo.gl/ovBVYy"Lions Ground at Lionsground.com and on Youtube is about Paranormal cases and Revealing Government Secrets. But did you know Lions Ground publish the hottest trendiest videos on Dailymotion like: Crazy Animals, Silliest Funniest Comedy videos, Revealing the Latest Technology videos and other very entertaining videos … EACH DAY!"WHERE TO FIND US:http://www.lionsground.comhttp://yuubabble.comhttp://paranormalforums.infohttp://www.facebook.com/thelionsgroundentertainmentgrouphttp://www.twitter.com/thelionsgroundhttp://lionsground.tumblr.com/http://www.pinterest.com/lionsgroundhttp://www.myspace.com/lionsgroundhttp://www.linkedin.com/in/lionsgroundentertainmentgroupMy Favorite Google+ Groups Are:Paranormal...
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